I sit alone thinking to myself about you and your love.
How wonderful it is to have you in my life.
You complete me in a way I have never known.
You have me now mind, body and soul.
You loved me for so long and I never knew.
Your heart was mine, could it be true.
You'll love me forever is what you say.I
thank the ALLAH each and everyday.
I will never hurt you. I will never stray.
I can not live without you I will always stay.
You are my love.
You are my strength.
With you in my life I will always give thanks.


  1. ermmm, nice galaxy.....hope you will be better this year n as a frenz i always pray for you safety n gud gurl... :)

  1. Wah jiwang, haha.

    Ya, definitely agree with aryn. Be a nice muslim gurl and don't be so naughty,k, haha.