what else to say?
what a great day just woke up and received message "miss you" from him.. I try to reply "i miss you too" but i can't..

quite difficult to share with him everything about my feeling ..scared? yeahh scared!!

I've been go through all this thing before..yeah different guy different thinking different way everything will be different. However, one thing about him is i trust him with everything he did.

Its just a feeling make me scared the moment i tell him that i'm starting to bring him into my life, starting to miss him, starting to love him he will left me behind..if the same thing happen i don't think i can accept it anymore or nothing impossible if I did something stupid for my self and my life.

To be frank this is serious and 10001 serious relationship so i'm trying hard to make him happy,trying to understand him better.Give me sometimes to be the best for you zafir.

The One And Only