macam terbakar jer tempat panggang
ultraman kecik="ariel"

same padan same cun= kak wa & mat asri

sume sibuk nak tunjuk bakat jerk..
kak wa sibuk buka resepi puding kastard
indi band kelas ccss 13 dianggotai =
kaum2 lelaki kelas ccss 13
kaum2 wanita kelas ccss 13


  1. i never ever will forget this moment!!!

    One of the best gathering in my life!!!

  1. Thanks to all whose make this activity as a reality, a great moment to memorize, especially for us, class 13

  1. I will not forget this gathering and also my frenz until this nerve stop beating.........

    Thank you frenz..........

  1. thanx to all frenz..

  1. a gathering that will always in my mind!

  1. love u all :)

  1. quite chaos.. but the best night ever.. next year leh wat lai..he3 thanks kawan2..