Heaven in '07! With lucky number seven in the mix, 2007 bodes well for lovers all around the world. Plus, with three mystical sevens in a row, July 7, 2007, is sure to bring stellar luck and happiness to couples getting married -- or celebrating their union -- on this day.
Magical number seven is mysterious, so this will be a day of surprise and celebration. Two lovers coming together make a double seven, and therefore they are the center of the universe in love; any obstacles needing to be worked through have already been resolved, optimism is in the stars, and spiritual growth is in the air.July 7, 2007, is the perfect day to express love and affection, and depending on what you and your lover's Sun signs are, the cosmos holds an even more specific agenda for you both on this day. Read on for more heavenly cosmic details!
This is a great day to bask in the warm energy of marriage. Independent and courageous, Aries is ready to move forward with the love. You are entering into a dynamic time of adventure and play as you and your lover begin your life together. The lucky number seven wedding day will be the ultimate opportunity for you to express yourself in a caring and giving way that will give you nothing but the best.
All your hard work for getting in tip-top shape for this day has really paid off. You can
share your heart and your life with clarity and passion. Love has waltzed nicely into your life. Your sensual and idealistic comforts have been more than fulfilled to prepare you for this wonderful lucky-seven day of you and that special someone coming together. Time to enjoy all the good things in life!
You and the adventurous lover you've attracted will enjoy this perfect day, and you'll both truly benefit from this exhilarating partnership. Good communication has really paid off, and all the love, joy and happiness you've always wanted are yours this lucky-seven day. It's the perfect time to communicate your love for one another in a new and lasting way. Being in tune with each other and feeling connected will make this an unforgettable day!
Your capacity to visualize new possibilities empowers you to know in your heart that this commitment is the one. You two have great things to achieve together and will feel supported and nurtured, protected and secure. What a great time to celebrate and value each other. Under the Sun sign of Cancer, it's the perfect time to tie the knot. Fulfilling love is the name of the game for lucky number seven.
Challenges in love have well been worth it to find the fun-loving and playful partner who holds your interest. With this one, you will never be bored again! This is the most positive relationship you've ever had. You will both give and receive all the affection you need to keep those home fires burning on this highly stimulating day. Enjoy making this lucky-seven day a work of art!
This is a beautiful day for romance in your life -- celebrate this glorious partnership! Your magnetic personality has manifested a blissful emotional bond with your lover. This merging of two souls symbolizes the strong compassion and caring energy you have put into cultivating this beautiful, intimate relationship. Your childlike quality is giving you the mystical union with lucky number seven, for which you have long awaited. Enjoy!
You have a clear balance in this relationship that has proved loyal, affectionate, dramatic, dignified, caring and compassionate. All these attractive traits have enabled you to fully express your love, and you are ready to take this connection to the next level. You are truly the creator of your own destiny, and this opportunity to have a mutually loving partnership with such incredible togetherness on this lucky-seven day is significantly favorable!
With love and excitement in full bloom, this is
the perfect time to celebrate your beautiful relationship. To ensure that this lucky day is true to your heart's desires, stay calm and accomplish your plans with grace. All the love you have so dynamically sent out has manifested in this electric romantic adventure. With the passionate energy of lucky number seven, this day is ideal for solidifying your love!
This is a fiery and highly optimistic time of blessings for Sagittarians! You love the spiritual possibility of connecting and having an extraordinary life -- and here it is before you! You have that innate sense that anything you do now will be successful. This high-spirited lucky-seven day will bring you good fortune in partnership. Your deep desire to be in a truly loving union makes this a stellar day for living out your dreams. Bliss is yours!
Your passionate manifestation of this loving relationship makes this lucky-seven day even more thrilling and exhilarating. Your great energy is infectious. Relationship challenges are behind you, and you can now move forward with a silver lining of incredible affection. This year has been the grand finale, and it's time to celebrate your success in love. Your grandest dreams are finally coming true. Congratulations!
Your focus and determination to succeed in your partnership makes this day of celebration even more satisfying. You have integrated love into the practical dimension and deepened you and your lover's togetherness -- free from conventional viewpoints. You are able to truly express your commitment and are sure to receive what you want in life. Your relationship is grounded and stable, and a ceremony of love on this lucky-seven day fulfills your personal goals and most heartfelt dreams.
Your intuitive nature has given you great insight and clarity to connect with the love of your life. What a great day to honor the fulfillment of your ideals. Your poetic nature and colorful imagination is easily expressed in your love for your partner. The glimmer of loving energy between you two will touch everyone today. What better time could there be than this lucky-seven day to celebrate your ability to manifest a dream-inspired relationship!